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Electritects Pty Ltd is an Electrical Engineering company based in Sydney Australia providing design and inspection services to the full spectrum of the Electrical industry.

Our key speciality is Residential development, from single domestic houses to complete new subdivisions and from 3-storey walk-ups to high rise. We have also successfully completed various projects including:

Residential Projects

We work with leading Engineers and Contractors including:


Single domestic



Retirement houses

High rise

High density




Boarding Houses



Factory units


Specialist fitouts



Primary Schools


Specialist Labs

Child Cares


Medical Centres

Aged Care

Bankstown Gardens


Motif Newtown




Sancta Sofia


Low voltage

Our services include

Low Voltage Gallery


Development of technical drawings, BIM models, reports and specifications.

Designs for Green Star requirements by GSAP Accredited Professionals.

Building Automation design by C-Bus, KNX and Dynalite Accredited Professionals.

Client’s Engineer

Develop technical briefs and scope of works based on Client requirements in meetings and visits to similar installations, and inclusion in tender packages.

Tender assessments.

Technical peer review on behalf of the Client of designs developed by others and provide comments to designers to amend the design to meet the Client’s requirements.

Review of workshop drawings and submissions of materials for suitability of use in projects.

Perform site inspections on behalf of the Client and issue site inspections report with status of the installation and defects to the Contractor.

Perform defects walks with the Client.

Review of risk register at various design stages and final residual risks register handed over to the Client (ALARP and SFARIP).

Participation in CHAIR meetings on behalf of the Client.

Review of Arc Flash assessments on behalf of the Client.

Lighting measurements on site using calibrated meters and reporting on compliance of the lighting installation with the applicable standards (AS 1158, AS 1680 and AS 2293).

Testing of RCD switches using calibrated meters and reporting on mandatory compliance with the standards for tripping time and current. Advice on the minimum required testing interval depending on the type of installation.

Energy Audit on Client’s installations.

Measurement of earth fault loop impedance using calibrated meters and reporting on compliance with the requirements of the standards.

Opinon of probable cost.

Safety Systems

Design of Essential Electrical services for compliance wit DA conditions, including emergency lighting, exit signs, smoke detectors and warning speakers.

Design of Smoke Detection and Alarm, including sound systems and intercom systems for evacuation purposes.

Lightning protection risk assessment and design.


Maximum demand calculations.

Design of Main Switchboards, Distribution boards and Meters Panel Boards.

Arc Flash Calculations.

General power distribution and power to nominated machines and equipment, and sizing of the final branch circuits and protection.

Sizing of back-up generator, UPS and batteries to comply with minimum uptime required by the Client to maintain availability of the installation.

Design of photovoltaic (solar) installations.

Modelling of Electrical installations using PowerCAD, Ecodial, DOC.


Selection of indoor and outdoor light fittings.

Design of light switching control.

Software modelling of lighting installation (AGI32 and Dialux).

Design for compliance with GBCA Green Star requirements.

Vertical Transportation

Advice on lifts selection: number of banks, number of lifts per bank, size and speed of lifts.

Traffic modelling.


Advice on availability of Cable TV in the project’s location and coordination with Telstra.

Design of free-to-air and PayTV installation, with cable TV or satellite.

Design of central head-end and distributed systems.


Design of small to large scale point and distributed audio systems (low impedance and 100V systems).

Selection of microphones, cables, pre-amplifiers, mixers, signal processors, amplifiers and speakers.

Design of video distribution system, multiple displays, scaling and matrix switching.

Selection of wall control plates, cabling, table boxes, projectors and displays.

Design of Hearing Augmentation Loops.

Complete design documentation in line with InfoComm standards.

Telecommunications and Networking

Design of intercom systems.

Design of CCTV installations, including selection of cameras and recorders.

Design of Access Control and Intruder Alarm installations.

Design of Hydraulics Meters Data Loggers installation.

Fibre and Copper structured cabling reticulation.

Design of Fibre Ready installations for mandatory compliance wit the Telecommunications act and to NBN requirements.

Submission of compliant pathways design to NBN and follow-up to obtain approval.

High voltage

High Voltage Gallery

Our in-house expertise is in the following scope:

Design the complete MV installation for private Clients for voltages up to 33 kV.

Swing analysis of overhead wiring for clearance from structures.

Earthing design using rods and rod arrays.

We partner with specialist contractors for the following scope:

HV Megger and fault finding.

Insulation resistance.

Mesh earthing design and measurements.

Electrolysis analysis.

Overhead wiring design.

HV Substation Testing and Commissioning.

Software development

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We value your business and every new opportunity we can help you achieve your goals. While our pipleline is busy, we partner with specialists to meet the quality, time and budget for your project. Contact us via email to describe your project and our scope and we will get back to you with our proposal.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Telephone: +61 406 406 400

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